School of Ocean and Civil Engineering

The School of Ocean and Civil engineering, founded in 1978, is an important teaching unit for the training of Applied Talents in ocean related engineering in Dalian Ocean University. It is also an important teaching and research platform for the discipline of Hydraulic Engineering.

The school now has four undergraduate majors: Harbor Waterway and Coastal Engineering, Civil Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage, Building Environment and Energy Engineering. And it also has the master's degree authorization point and professional master's degree authorization field of water conservancy engineering, Port Waterway and Coastal Engineering, and Civil Engineering. The last two majors were selected as the first-class undergraduate professional construction sites in Liaoning Province. The school currently has 1400 undergraduate and graduate students and 57 full-time teachers, including 5 professors and 19 associate professors. In recent 5 years, the school has undertaken 64 scientific research projects including national and provincial natural science funds, 45 teaching and research projects at all levels, won 31 scientific research and teaching and research awards, 28 teaching achievement awards at different levels, and published 248 scientific research and teaching improvement papers.