School of Mechanical and Power Engineering

The School of Mechanical and Power Engineering is one of the earliest colleges established by Dalian Ocean University. The college now has three undergraduate programs in mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, Energy and Power Engineering, Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation and Mechanical Design Energy. Students of the college can not only study in the university, but also have opportunities to go to New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and other countries for study as exchange students. In recent years, the college has established long-term cooperative relationship with countries such as Ukraine and Belarus in terms of joint postgraduate training and joint discipline construction.

Over the past seven decades, in response to the needs of national and local marine economic development, the college has been devoted to technical research on high-end equipment and new momentum, talent cultivation, and social services, making significant contributions in facilitating the upgrade of traditional marine industries and the development of emerging marine industries. The college has become a highland for research and development of marine equipment technology and a cradle for cultivating excellent engineers with a global vision.