School of Navigation and Ship Engineering

School of Navigation and Ship Engineering is the only school in China that integrates three undergraduate programs, namely, programs in naval architecture and ocean engineering, navigation technology, and marine engineering in China. The history of the school can be traced back to 1952 when the university was founded and the department of marine engineering and department of fishing were set up. The school is also one of the nine schools that first set up the naval architecture and ocean engineering program in China.

The school has the first-level discipline master’s degree program in naval architecture and ocean engineering and professional master’s degree program in ship engineering. With distinctive advantages and characteristics, two navigation-related specialties are provincial exemplary specialties transforming to be application-oriented, and three specialties are provincial first-class undergraduate programs. The school is a modern industry school of navigation and ship engineering in Liaoning province.

There are 57 faculty members, including 44 full-time teachers (consisting of 4 professors and 14associate professors), and 1178 students (including 1090 undergraduates and 88 postgraduates). The employment rate of postgraduates has always been 100% and the employment rate of undergraduates has been above 90%, representing high-quality employment. The college ranks the top in the university in terms of student work evaluation.