School of Marine Law and Humanities

The School of Marine Law and Humanities of Dalian Ocean University was founded in May 2019the school has four teaching and research offices of law, social policy, human resource management and visual communication design and a Juris Master (JM) Education Center. The School has one master's degree authorization point of first-class discipline of law, which contains four directions of constitutional and administrative law, procedural law, international law, environmental and resource protection law, and one authorization point of professional master's degree of law, which contains two directions of marine administrative law, and marine rights protection and law enforcement.

The major of law is a demonstration major of first-class undergraduate education in colleges and universities in Liaoning Province, with the permit to grant a second bachelor's degree. The Chinese-British international education cooperation platform for maritime law was approved as the inter-school cooperation project of  undergraduate colleges and universities in Liaoning Province in 2021. It was also selected as one of the first batch of cooperative colleges and universities in the integration project of all media industry education for cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries in Ministry of Education in 2021. The Northeast Asia Research Center of Dalian Ocean University, a national and regional research center approved and filed by the Ministry of Education, was rated as a high-level construction unit by the Ministry of Education in 2020. The School has 27 laboratories, 12 scientific research and innovation research teams, 3 research associations, 4 provincial-level teaching practice bases and 36 internship cooperation units. The school has 60 faculty members,49 full-time teachers, and 36 teachers having doctor's degrees (including 7 postdoctoral). The school will play an increasingly important role in the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, and the construction and development of the national and local marine career.