School of Marine Technology and Environment

School of Marine Technology and Environment is a characteristic school established by Dalian Ocean University to meet the needs of national maritime power strategy, and is also the most important marine science talent training base in Northeast China. The college has 4 undergraduate programs in Marine Science, Environmental Engineering and Science, Marine Resources and Environment and Applied Physics; one first-level discipline academic master’s degree (in marine science) with 5 research directions of physical oceanography, marine biology, marine chemistry, marine environmental science, and marine technology; and 2 professional master’s degree programs in resource utilization and plant protection, and resources and environment, respectively.

There is one national key laboratory, one national oceanographic data center, 6 provincial key laboratories, 31 practice bases for undergraduate students, and 12 scientific research teams. Over the past three years, it has undertaken more than 200 projects of various types, with project funds amounting to RMB 180 million. The school has been committed to education in an open manner, and conducted international exchanges with several universities in Japan, Russia, and South Korea by dispatching students. The school has dispatched tens of people abroad for visits, lectures, further education, and participation in international symposiums, carried out academic exchanges with universities and scientific research institutions in Sweden, France, United States and Germany, and established friendly cooperative relations with many foreign universities.