College of China-New Zealand Collaboration

Founded in July 2016, College of China-New Zealand Collaboration (CCNC) is the one with the first Chinese-foreign cooperative education program in DLOU. In February 2016, the 3+1 undergraduate educational program of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, jointly held by Dalian Ocean University and Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand, was approved by the Ministry of Education. In 2019, the college was merged with the School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, known as the College of Mechanical and Power Engineering (CCNC). After the organizational restructuring in October 2022, CCNC returns to be an independent college.

Currently, the college offers one undergraduate program in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation. According to the approval standard of the Ministry of Education, 120 students are enrolled each academic year. It aims to cultivate international engineering talents with solid basic professional knowledge, international vision, intercultural competence, as well as a healthy work ethic and competence in practice skills.

In the cooperation with Otago Polytechnic, the college has introduced rich international education resources and experienced foreign teachers, and already sent four groups of 10 teachers in DLOU to New Zealand for study and research. On campus, the teachers of the program, most of whom having overseas studying experience or doctoral degrees, are jointly recommended and selected by CCNC and other schools of the university. It has adopted a teaching mode in line with international standards, and created excellent educational conditions for sustainable development. On the basis of the integration of domestic and foreign resources, the vigorous teaching reform, and the innovation of engineering practice, our college has successfully applied for the first batch of New Engineering Teaching Reform Project of the Ministry of Education. In June 2020, the joint program smoothly passed the evaluation of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools by the Ministry of Education.