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The school leaders visited the foreign teachers and students who stayed at school


On the morning of March 13th, Yao Jie, Secretary of the University Party Committee, and Zhang Guochen, Vice President of the University, visited the foreign teachers and students in the dormitory, accompanied by the relevant persons in charge of School Office, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, the Logistics Management Office, and the School of Foreign Languages and International Education.
   Yao Jie and Zhang Guochen asked about the work, life and study of foreign teachers and students during the epidemic, and expressed greetings to them on behalf of the school and presented them with gifts.

Talking with foreign teachers and students, Yao Jie pointed out that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the school has attached great importance to the health and safety of foreign teachers and students, taking multiple measures to resolutely protect their lives. In order to guide international students to study independently, the school will do a good job in various measures of suspension of classes do not suspend teaching and study, encourage them to carry out online learning, to ensure the learning effect. He hoped that while cooperating with the school in the epidemic prevention and control work, international students should cherish the time to read more books, strive for all the time to study, and constantly absorb nutrients from the ocean of knowledge.

The concern of the school leaders made the foreign teachers and students excited, they said that they would keep in mind the instructions, actively cooperate with the school to implement the provisions of the epidemic prevention work, use this time to complete their studies, prepare the network teaching carefully, and live up to the cultivation and trust of the school.